The new Roaster's Choice is here! Villanueva from Honduras is all things smooth, sweet and comforting.

All-star trio

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Presenting an all-star gift set!

Each 8 oz bag (total 24 oz) is uniquely delicious and special for the role that women play - as growers, importers, producers and roasters - in bringing these coffees to market. A perfect gift for your adventuresome coffee lover.

Dumerso | Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia | Process: white honey | Roast style: medium

Notes: rose / champagne grape / bergamot

Dynamic, lush and delicate. Full of floral aromas with a sweet fruit finish. This beautiful Yirgacheffee was produced by the Dumerso Washing Station, a women and sister-owned operation, Hirut Birhanu and Mahder Birhanu. This particular small lot was processed via an unusual 'white honey' technique. The resulting cup is a balance between the wild fruitiness typical of a natural but with the clarity of a washed coffee.

Las Rosas | Huila, Colombia | Process: washed | Roast style: medium 

Notes: bright citrus / cane sugar / dried apricot 

We love Las Rosas as a quintessential Colombian coffee with all its smooth, chocolatey, luxury. The women behind the coffee make it even more special. Las Rosas represents a collective of 350 women, including key decision makers and those in leadership roles all working as a team on coffee production improvement projects. The result is stellar coffee and an elevated quality of life for their families and community.

La Cumbre | Fraijanes, Guatemala | Process: washed | Roast style: medium 

Notes: orange / caramel / hazelnut 

This coffee shines with all the finest characteristics of a classic Guatemalan coffee - lots of sweet citrus notes, balanced by comforting chocolatey richness. This offering is unique in that it's grown, imported and roasted, all by women. Ana Karen Block has owned and operated her family farm, La Cumbre since 2020. The coffee is sourced and imported by Ana Cristy Guirola, owner of TerraNegra Coffee in Guatemala. Finally, head roaster Sarah Hall of Marigold works her roasting magic to bring out the best in the coffee.


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