General November 25 2018 In a Relationship

Written by Cassy

Here’s the thing about coffee. There are as many ways to enjoy it as there are people who drink it. You might prepare it at home and have specific, daily routine, you might have a favorite neighborhood spot where you see familiar regulars like yourself, or you might be an occasional drinker, who reaches for a cup only when you need an extra lift. No matter your method or your motivation, coffee also carries a built-in opportunity to connect with others. In fact, coffee’s interconnectivity is simply unavoidable.

If you are a coffee lover –or a consumer of any kind of internationally traded commodity, which in truth, is each one of us– please take a moment to read about a research project spearheaded by one of Portland’s finest in coffee, Junior’s Roasted Coffee (and the magical duo behind the label: Mike Nelson and Caryn Nelson). Most critically, Mike is taking an academic approach to expose and examine the ‘true cost of production’ of speciality-grade coffee at the farm level. Thank you Roast Magazinefor covering this project and giving us coffee lovers a chance to contemplate what that beautiful cup of coffee really ‘costs’. Hats off to all those involved, including Buckman Coffee Factory‘s friend and frequent visitor to Portland, Ana Christy of TerraNegra Trade Company. This effort deserves so much attention and praise!!

For your out of town loved ones.  Send a truly unique expression of Portland’s best with some fresh roasted coffee and an original illustrated mug by local Portland artist, Libby Allen.


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