Marigold’s process begins and ends with quality. The mysterious alchemy of soil, climate, altitude, farming technique, post-harvest handling, roasting and finally, brew method all contribute to the final product in your cup.

To bring you the best coffees, our job begins with the hunt for high quality, unique green coffees, purchased when they’re at their seasonal best. Just as your local farmer’s market features produce according to the time of year, coffee has a similar integrity and seasonality — a moment in time when the bean is at its most delicious and complex, whether it’s grown in El Salvador or Ethiopia.


The part we play–procurement and roasting—is but one small link in the chain of events impacting quality. Knowing just how many people and livelihoods are involved in getting coffees to the Marigold roastery – the farmers, the pickers, the buyers, the shippers –and the love and labor involved in every step of the way—brings with it a sense of responsibility.

Marigold’s creativity is inspired by the constantly changing array of coffees curated from skilled farmers and coops growing mostly smaller lots. Trying new things is always on our mind and menu. But our craving for novelty is balanced by meticulous roasting methodology, which requires a constant tinkering and refinement, as well as patience to stay focused on the details.


Marigold Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery located in SE Portland. As part of a west coast family who’ve been farming the same land for a century, Marigold owners Joey and Cassy come from a rich tradition of growing and harvesting food. Every aspect of their business is influenced by their deep appreciation for farming and a dedication to understanding where their coffee comes from.

Joey Gleason

Joey Gleason

The Innovator

Before focusing on coffee Joey developed her palette working in various Portland restaurants as a trained chef. Coming from a family of cooks and farmers helped developed her interest and passion for food and technique. She found her real calling after becoming a roaster at Redwing Cafe in SE Portland and never looked back. In addition to starting Marigold, Joey is also co-founder of the Buckman Coffee Factory, a shared-space facility that Marigold and a host of other local roasters call home. What does Joey love besides coffee? “I love soccer, or global football as my brother in law calls it.  I like crazy love it, I know way too much about individual players and coaches, federation controversies, formation debates, and any other stupid soccer gossip you can think of.  If you are ever sick of hearing me talk about coffee you could always ask me a question about soccer, at your own peril.”

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Cassy Gleason

The Dynamo

Originally from Oregon, Cassy lived in Brooklyn for the past 15 years, working in social service and public policy before recently moving back to Portland. Her fascination with the coffee industry grew and the pull to return to Portland became irresistible. She joined her sister at Marigold Coffee and Buckman Coffee Factory leading both company’s brand management and sales. She’s a wildlife loving, dance class enthusiast; all made possible thanks to massive quantities of Squirrel Rhapsody.

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Sarah Hall

The Sorceress

As Marigold’s Head Roaster and main Troublemaker Sarah takes enormous pleasure in the creative process and challenges inherent in bringing the best of each new coffee. How does Sarah find her inspiration?  “I’m fortunate to work at Marigold and The Buckman alongside so many other local roasters. It’s so nice being able to talk about roasting with other roasters! I’m inspired by someone new almost every day.” And when she’s not learning from other humans, Sarah fuels her creatively in the natural world. “I’m the person that takes walks and touches people’s plants they have growing in their yards (if it’s close enough to the sidewalk). That might be inspired by my dog, Lucy.” Other than her dog, Lucy. Sarah notes, “My husband is my best friend and we know how to have a good time!”

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Mark Webb

The Calm Center

Mark is Marigold’s roasting and production captain. He also handles all equipment cleaning and maintenance as well as other technical duties for the Buckman Coffee Factory. Mark is most at home with a headlight on his head and a wrench in his hand. He says he did not choose his profession but, rather, he stumbled into it completely by chance. “It’s certainly been one of the happier accidents in my life.” When Mark isn’t working at the roastery you’ll find him creating music.