General June 7 2018 Peruvian Coffee Farmers Visit Marigold

Written by Cassy

The Visit

A core value of Marigold is to develop lasting and beneficial relationships with the farmers who grow our coffee. This spring we were able to deepen our relationship with the farmers of Finca Churupampa, currently, sold online and at our SE Portland cafe.

Finca Churupampa is located in the Cajamarca region of Peru. This organic growers’ cooperative of 150 families work closely together and have agreed to be part of a program of continual improvement, including innovative, organic farming practices.

We had the honor of meeting some of the farmers and enjoyed their heart-warming presentation about their work. We learned about improvements they’ve been making to the land, new techniques for processing the coffee and crucial food security programs to create on-going financial stability for this wonderful community of growers. The cooperative, just like Marigold Coffee, is a family affair. Many of the farmers are siblings and cousins, motivated to support each other’s well-being, improvement and growth.

Cassy and one of the Peruvian farmers

The Coffee

Finca Churupampa is special offering, available only at our SE Portland cafe and online. Tasting notes include milk chocolate, malt and baking spices.

Finca Churupampa label

We love this bold, rich and exceptional coffee and we’re excited to share it with you!

Some of the Peruvian coffee farmers