HAMASHO -EHTIOPIAN - Marigold Coffee
HAMASHO -EHTIOPIAN - Marigold Coffee
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Load image into Gallery viewer, HAMASHO -EHTIOPIAN - Marigold Coffee


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Hamasho - Bensa 
Ethiopia, Bensa Sidama 
Process: Washed - Spontaneous Fermentation
Notes: lemon curd / mango / champagne

Pretty floral and berry aromas, super supple with lots of sweetness and interesting herbal notes.    Elegant, complex and utterly enjoyable. 

We included this coffee in this trio as a very special over the top offering. 

This tiny lot coffee is with us for just a short time! For many years now, Marigold has been buying green coffee from Catalyst Trade, a small and nimble, quality focused Portland-Ethiopian based coffee importing company. 

Part of what makes this coffee so rare is how it was processed (post harvest) at the farm. Using natural techniques for fermentation, this coffee is wildly influenced by the naturally occurring yeasts in it's environment. Similar to natural wine fermentation, the flavors and complexity that emerge are impossible to predict and in this case, a super fun and pleasant surprise! 

ONE of a kind! An great example of how processing & technique (at the farm) can impart such unique flavors. This is one for the coffee geeks! Supple, complex, dynamic and floral.

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