General July 19 2018 Trust & Transparency w/ Oatly

Written by Cassy

This past month we had the honor of co-hosting an open-house event ‘Fika Talk by Oatly: Building Cultures of Trust & Transparency’ along with our sister company, the Buckman Coffee Factory, and non-profit partner, p:ear [Creatively Mentoring Homeless Youth].

We were thrilled to have such an interesting mix of coffee and non-coffee industry folks from the Portland community discussing various angles and implications within the world of trust and transparency. Conversations ranged from what does transparency look like in the workplace to ways we can create more clarity between business and consumer.

Panelists included Erica Escalante (The Arrow Coffeehouse PDX), Cassy Gleason (The Buckman Coffee Factory and Marigold Coffee), Stephen Green (WeWork + #PitchBlack), and Meredith McEntee (Tony’s Chocolonely). The event was organized by the talented and ever curious staff at Curiosity Lab.

We want to send a huge thank you to everyone who came out and was a part of this important discussion!

*All photographs are property of Kim Oanh Nguyen