Cafe Thank you!!

2020 what a year, so far!

FIRST THE GOOD NEWS: Marigold Coffee is still roasting.

But we will not be re-opening the Holgate Blvd cafe.

When we first closed the cafe back in March, following Governor Brown’s orders, we didn’t know how long we’d stay closed or what the future would hold. Since then, we’ve had to reassess our entire strategy and are still trying to project what we can and cannot do in order to survive and operate safely.

After much deliberation we made the decision to forego renewing our cafe lease. We concluded that it’s not sustainable under the terms we were offered combined with the ongoing uncertainties of the pandemic.

There are so many things to grieve these days. While the decision to end our tenure at Holgate is the right one, it’s still very disappointing and difficult, nonetheless. We’re truly sad to see this chapter of Marigold come to an end. At the same time, we are full of gratitude for each of you, all our loyal customers. We will miss you all! Thank you for patronage, your kindness and your company.

To our WONDERFUL baristas and managers who brought the sunshine to this corner of Holgate: You’ve all worked so hard to make the cafe a special and welcoming place for our customers and your fellow co-workers. You’ve created a wonderful community and for that we so grateful. Thank you for being such an awesome group of humans to work with.

While we are not re-opening the cafe at this location, Our wholesale business is regaining strength and taking new shape. We hope to re-open a cafe someday, we just cannot say when or even what that would look like. And we look forward to being able to see you in person.

With lots of love and gratitude and sincere wishes for your health and wellbeing,

– Joey Gleason, Kate Kinne & Cassy Gleason___