Single Origins

The term single origin can mean many things, mostly because, as with many food industries, we don't all agree on the definitions. But what we mean by single origin is this: a unique, seasonal coffee which might also be a single variety; or coffees harvested by a single grower or coop from a unique region. While not a perfect comparison, single origins are similar to single varieties of wine. Or like a solo singer whose voice is so unique and pleasing that you want her to stand on her own. They can also be fleeting and precious. We often purchase from growers year over year. But there will be times when a favorite coffee is only available to us once in a lifetime. A live performance, to be savored for as long as it's playing. Which is why if you come back to us after a hiatus, you might find your favorite coffee is 'missing' while a new stand out is waiting your discovery.

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