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Tsebel - Guji - Marigold Coffee
Tsebel - Guji - Marigold Coffee
Tsebel - Guji - Marigold Coffee
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Tsebel - Guji

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TASTING NOTES: white flower, lemongrass, honey. 
PROCESS: washed.
REGION:  Guji - Ethiopia.

MORE ABOUT THIS COFFEE: Fall is an exciting food season in the Pacific Northwest. Time for fat garden tomatoes, juicy wild blackberries and anticipation of the freshest apples. For coffee roasters like us, this fall means the arrival of fresh/new crop coffee from Ethiopia.

So much can be said about the hard work, intricate planning, relationship building and luck that goes into growing, harvesting and importing high quality coffee. Now, coffee growers also contend with ongoing and increasing challenges of climate change and the current upheaval of the Covid pandemic. And in the case of Ethiopia, add to it all the political unrest and the threat of civil war. All of which makes the miracle of getting such a delicate product through the knot of today's international trade all the more incredible and precious. 

For the last fives years we've worked with our friends at Catalyst Coffee, a hardworking Portland-Ethiopia based team, who make this miracle of international trade happen. Trust in business (and in all relationships, really) is nothing to take for granted. So when Tsebel 'finally landed' on the west coast this year, we all breathed a sigh of relief and extra gratitude and for all that it takes.

This coffee is special. It's a consistent and delicious representation of what makes Ethiopian coffees so unique. Tsebel is organic and fully traceable. Catalyst Trade is a small and nimble, quality focused Portland-Ethiopia based coffee importing company that focuses exclusively on Ethiopian coffees. They're also very dedicated to transparency, trust, ethical and sustainable partnerships and practices that go way deeper than just slogans.

Tsebel is one of Catalyst Trade's flagship community-lot coffee, a coffee project and approach to green coffee contracts resulting in a bundle of good things: Catalyst commits to the same small growers year over year, providing the stability and predictability to really merit the all-to-often cloudy term of 'sustainably grown coffee'.
Catalyst shares the inspiration behind the name: "[T]he name “Yirgacheffe” is loosely translated “land of abundant springs”, and is a region flowing in clean water and washed by pure rains. In acknowledgment of the deep-seated rituals of the Ethiopian tradition, and the way that washed Ethiopian coffee continues to be the holy spring around which we coffee professionals gather to celebrate our own kind of sacrament, we have named our washed community lots “Tsebel”, or “Holy Water”.

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