Marigold Coffee is happy to be in partnership with Street Roots, a Portland-based nonprofit organization who creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty. Together, we’ve launched a line of three coffees —Street Roast— which is available online, at our Cafe, as well in grocery stores around Portland. Proceeds from each bag of Street Roast go to support Street Roots.

When Marigold was approached by Street Roots to partner with them on this project, our team jumped at the chance. We immediately saw the benefits this project could bring. But in getting to know the folks at Street Roots, we recognized this opportunity as a way to contribute to something much on a much deeper level. Proceeds go directly to Street Roots, which are used to provide its Vendors (the folks you see out on the streets selling the Street Roots paper) with regular employment, access to much needed social services, a community to connect with and an all-around safe space to be.

Portland is a big-hearted city. Yet the problem of homelessness and the housing crisis can seem too big and too complicated to solve. There’s no magic bullet to fix a problem with so many causes, so long in the making. This project, offers a small but important opening for ordinary Portlanders to help address the struggle of homelessness by humanizing the people experiencing it. To stop and really see the person caught in a tough spot. We couldn’t be more happy to employ coffee in this way.

Coffee bridges the hemispheres between producers in the tropics and consumers in the north. It serves as a bridge between any two or more people sharing a moment together enjoying a warm cup. Coffee –like any produced good– creates a mysterious web of interconnecting economies of trade and pleasure and interdependence, perhaps more than any other commodity when you take into consideration the growers, the pickers, the importers, the shippers, the roasters, the grocers, the cafe owners, the baristas and finally the people (all of us!) who finally enjoy this marvelous drink.

It makes perfect, poetic sense that coffee can also connect those experiencing homelessness with those who want to help. Our goal as the roaster entrusted with the task of roasting this coffee is to produce great coffee. Our job is to make it irresistibly delicious. Our hope is that it also allows for another bridge between worlds in this city of bridges.

About Street Roots
Street Roots newspaper—published weekly in Portland, Oregon —has been Portland’s flagship publication addressing homelessness and poverty since 1998. Through its Newspaper Vendor Program, Street Roots has been providing a platform for people on the streets to have a voice in the political and social dialogue, bridging cultural and class divides with a greater understanding on social matters that affect us.

This project is also supported by Ideaville and Curate, two local design and marketing firms whose mission-driven business strategies deliver creative solutions for brand marketing along with supporting greater good in the community. Street Roast Coffee is available at New Seasons, Green Zebra, Cherry Sprout & Marigold Cafe.

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